Full Face Skull Mask

Full Face Skull Mask (Neoprene Material)

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This face mask is a bib that has the Lycra material. It is mainly made for skiing. It weighs 0.059 g. It has a cool skull print that can work as a fashion statement, added to its function of protection for your face during skiing or biking outdoors during winter time. Its material is Neoprene. 

Its specifications are 23 * 56.

It can be used as a bold fashion statement. You can pair it with something plain and simple to balance out your outfit as the face mask can make a loud statement by itself. You can also use it as a costume should you need one. It can work as a two in one product, as protection for your head from the cold and as a good fashion statement on its own.

It can be used by anyone for outdoor activities, especially cycling because it gets the distraction of coldness out of the way without you having to worry about it too much. It is very comfortable as well because of the warmth it gives.

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