Rome Knight Cosplay Hat for Men

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This skullie or beanie has a patchwork pattern type, and is made up of acrylic, cotton, and polyester. It can be used by men as it is a men’s hat, and its style is novelty. It is a knitted beanie cap that can be used as a costume or a winter hat for men. Its length is 45 cm or 17.7 inches. The beard length is 20cm/7.9 inches. The head circumference is about 48-76 centimeters or 18.89-29.92 inches.

It can be used as a bold fashion statement. You can pair it with something plain and simple to balance out your outfit as the face mask can make a loud statement by itself. You can also use it as a costume should you need one. It can work as a two in one product, as protection for your head from the cold and as a good fashion statement on its own.

Aside from it being a good costume, fashion statement, and symbolism, it of course also does a good job for protecting your head from the cold while you do your favorite outdoor activities, such as cycling, skiing, etc. It has a very cool design that everyone can appreciate. Although the design is novelty and is not casual, the design is a classic and never goes out of style.

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