3D Zebra Animal Balaclava for Outdoor Sports

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The beanie is unisex, has an animal pattern and has the model number BB. It is made p of one hundred percent cool silk and has 45 * 25 specifications. One of its features is breathable wicking.

It has a slightly stretchable fabric which makes it comfortable to wear, and it can make breathing easy despite having a full cover face mask. It is perfect for winter outdoor activities, or just casual activities such as cycling outdoors. It can also be used for a lot of other outdoor activities in general, as well as outdoor sports. 

It can be used as a bold fashion statement. You can pair it with something plain and simple to balance out your outfit as the face mask can make a loud statement by itself. You can also use it as a costume should you need one. It can work as a two in one product, as protection for your head from the cold and as a good fashion statement on its own.

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